An Educational Tour
Educational Travel Services (ETS) provides a range of safe and exciting travel experiences. Every tour provides specific outcomes for students, with an itinerary tailor made to the groups particular needs.

An Incredible Learning Experience
On our tours students will develop knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes about people and their social and physical environments. Students are involved in activities throughout the tour, targeted towards your specific subject, theme or learning outcome – the best experience they’ll ever have.

A company with years of experience
ETS is a division of Scenic Tours Pty Ltd, an Australian company operating successful group tours both within Australia and overseas for twenty years. We offer a stress free travel solution, booking coaches, trains, flight, accommodation and attractions. We will research suitable venues or attractions to suit your group’s specific needs.

A multitude of Options
ETS has organised successful and enjoyable student excursions throughout Australia and overseas (See Tour Options). Our staff have a wealth of knowledge in these and other areas and are happy to assist you in planning your groups itinerary.

Tours By Destination
Within Australia
        Canberra/Snowy Mountains 3-4 days
Bathurst/Hill End 3-4 days
Queensland 7-10 days
Northern Territory 7-14 days
Tasmania 5-12 days

Outside Australia
        New Caledonia 5-10 days
New Zealand 5-14 days
Japan 5-14 days
China 5-14 days
Europe 7-25 days
North America and Canada 5-14 days

Tours by Curriculum Subject
        Creative Arts - Dance, Drama, Music & Visual Arts
English & Literature
Human Society - History, Geography & Culture
Personal Development, Health & Physical Education
Science - Marine Studies, Physics, Geology
Technology - Food, Textiles, Design, Agriculture
Tourism and Hospitality
Sister School, Home Stays & Exchange Programs

Educational Travel Services (a division of Scenic Tours Pty Ltd)  |  Lic No: 2TA 002 633