Sister School, Home Stays & Exchange Programs
ETS believes any opportunity students have to broaden their minds and learn something new should be welcomed with open arms. We have organised many itineraries for clients that incorporate Sister Schools, Home Stays and School Visits.

Whilst we have included the Sister Schools, Home Stays and School Visits into the itineraries we do so with the understanding that each school has different criteria for selection of hosts and billets, it is the sole responsible of our client to organise and communicate all aspects of this activity. We will assist in the transfer of clients from central points and booking of attractions throughout your tour.

Sister Schools/Home Stays and School Visits
A sister school or different type of relationship is the positive association between two countries, establishing a link between schools and their communities. To participate in a sister school relationship gives everyone involved the opportunity to learn more about the culture, history and language of countries other than their own.

* Strengthen relationships and communication lines
* Enhance language learning
* Extend knowledge, understanding and respect of other cultures
* Develop lifelong friendships
* Exchange ideas on teaching, courses and lifestyles
* Provide memorable lifelong opportunities for students and teachers

For Sister School, Home Stays and School Visits we can take your group to any destination and incorporate your visits into any part of the itinerary. Some destinations are linked to a sample itinerary, for any others that are not on this web site yet, please fill out the ‘Contact Us’ page and let us know what destination you are interested in and we will send you some information and develop an itinerary to suit your individual requirements.

Sister School Visits

Exchange Program
If you are part of a Domestic or International Exchange Program please fill out the ‘Contact Us’ page letting us know what destinations you are interested in. We will be happy to send you some information and develop a program to showcase Australia for your international visitors. as we would be happy to organise a tour to showcase Australia.
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