Human Society - History, Geography & Culture
Develops an interest in and enjoyment of exploring the past. A study of History provides opportunities for examining events, people and societies from ancient, medieval and modern times.

Aboriginal Studies
Seeks to explore the cultures, languages and lifestyles of Aboriginal people. Creates an understanding of issues central to Aboriginal societies and the relevance of these issues to the entire Australian community. It highlights aspects of Australia which all people in the community can learn from Aboriginal people.

Is an investigation of the world which provides an accurate description and interpretation of the varied character of the earth and its people. It is a subject where learning outcomes are the ability to recognise, develop and understand different environments and how changes impact the world and the interactions which take place in our world.

Society and Culture
Through the study of Society and culture a knowledge and understanding is developed about personal, social and cultural identity. These cultures are shared by members of societies and learn about the role of power, authority, gender and technology within this society. Students will learn how society interacts and has done in the past, present and looking towards the future.

For Human Society subjects we can take your group to any of the following countries. Some destinations are linked to a sample itinerary in that destination, for others that are not on this web site yet, please fill out the ‘Contact Us’ page and let us know what destination you are interested in and we will send you some information and develop an itinerary to suit your requirements.

Italy, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Greece and of course anywhere in Australia.

Aboriginal Studies
Northern Territory
Other destinations anywhere in Australia.

Northern TerritoryTasmaniaNew Zealand

New ZealandEuropeJapanChinaNew Caledonia,  Vietnam, Samoa

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