Technology - Food, Textiles, Design, Agriculture
Develops students' confidence, competence and responsibility for designing, producing and evaluating to meet needs and opportunities. Students will gain knowledge and understanding of the factors and influences that contribute to successful design and production.

Food Technology and Agriculture
Provides students with a broad knowledge and understanding of food properties - where it comes from, processing, preparation and their interrelationship, nutritional considerations and consumption patterns. They will learn the importance of hygiene and safe working practices and legislation in the production of food and see the development of food-specific skills, which can enable students to produce quality food products. This best part is that they learn to explore the richness, pleasure and variety food adds to life and how it contributes to both vocational and general life experiences.

ETS can organise local, domestic and international tours that incorporate visits and hands on experiences at restaurants, cooking schools, hotels, produce markets, farms. See the different cooking techniques and learn about local produce and farming of other countries, regions and cultures. An amazing way to exploring food related issues is through a range of practical experiences, being able to make informed and appropriate choices with regard to food.

Students will develop the ability and confidence to design, produce and evaluate solutions to situations involving food and learn to select and use appropriate ingredients, methods and equipment safely and competently.
Textiles and Design
Develops a broad knowledge of the properties, performance and uses of textiles in which fabrics, colouration, yarns and fibres are explored. Students will learn to examine the historical, cultural and contemporary perspectives on textile design and develop an appreciation of the factors affecting them as textile consumers. Through investigation, they will learn about the work of textile designers, make judgements about the appropriateness of design ideas, the selection of materials and tools and the quality of textile items.

A local, domestic or international Textiles and Design tour with ETS provides an opportunity for students to examine the work of designers and expand their knowledge and understanding of historical, cultural and contemporary textiles and designs and the different materials and processes available to different areas and cultures.

Due to the wide variety and individuality of tour subjects, we do not have one specific itinerary for Technology subjects.

Contact Us for a sample itinerary in the country of your choice, or please Contact Us with your ideas for a tailor made itinerary. It is also helpful to include any particular place of interest you may like to visit so we can incorporate this into the itinerary or we can provide suggestions to suit your tour and budgets.

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