Tourism and Hospitality
There are over 650,000 people employed by the tourism and hospitality industry just within Australia, so it is a huge and exciting business.

Tourism and Hospitality is a major boom industry and will continue to grow rapidly. It is an industry which creates economic and employment opportunities throughout Australia and the rest of the world, providing an exciting and diverse career – with the prospects of travelling.

Tourism is travel, both local and international and includes travel agencies, tourist information offices, tour wholesalers, attractions, events, meetings, festivals and conventions and tour guiding.

Hospitality is the food, beverage and accommodation to both visitors and local residents. It includes hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, functions, conventions, cafes, clubs and casinos.

The tourism and hospitality industries are customer-service driven. People skills are an essential part of working in the industry. These skills include:
     good communication skills
     a strong customer focus
     smart presentation and grooming
     organisational skills
     ability to work in a team
     ability to work well under pressure
     good technical skills and knowledge.

ETS can use our broad network of industry contacts and strong links to provide many different types of tours local, domestic and international. These tours that incorporate visiting, meeting and learning from Tourism and Hospitality professionals.

Our tours can provide students with the opportunity to see behind the scenes of a working environment and talk to the employees and managers – face to face. A valuable aid for students in deciding a future direction within the industry or expanding their knowledge first hand.

Due to the wide variety and diversity subjects, we do not have one specific itinerary for Tourism and Hospitality. Please fill out the Contact Us page and let us know which destination and the area of the Tourism and Hospitality industry you are interested, and we will send you some information and develop an itinerary to suit your requirements.

It is also helpful to include in this information any particular place of interest you may like to visit so we can incorporate this into the itinerary. If you don’t have specific ideas, we can provide suggestions to suit your tour and budgets.

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