Bathurst / Hill End
Bathurst is situated on the western slopes of the Great Dividing Range is Australia’s oldest inland settlement. The settlement was first founded in 1815, and remained a small convict and military settlement for years, used as a supply centre for the surrounding rich pastoral land.

Gold was discovered in 1851 which resulted in a major gold rush which changed the life of the town and placed Bathurst on the map forever. With fabulously rich fields of alluvial gold discovered in surroundings Bathurst grew and prospered with the new found fortunes.

Today Bathurst is a community centre for the surrounding pastoral and agricultural regions. With its wide country streets, beautiful buildings and numerous attractions it is an ideal base to explore and learn about an era long past. Bathurst has added another chapter in to the history books with the world renown Mount Panorama Race Circuit.

Hill End was among the greatest goldfields in Australia, surrounded by rugged gorges and mountain country, when alluvial gold was discovered in the area in 1851 and the town sprung into action with people from all over the world coming to make their fortunes. In the peak time there were more than 200 companies working the rich reefs.

Today Hill End is a historic site being a well- preserved goldmining ghost town. A tour to Hill End will take you back in time and your students will be immersed in the hands on history. Most local buildings are of national historic significance. The museum includes working models, working stamper batteries, steam engines, winches, pumps, interactive displays, video and a walk-in underground gold mine.

Walk through Tamboroora Cemetery with headstones dating back to the 1870’s. Guided tour of one of the mines that has been set up to reflect the environment and working conditions during the peak time of the gold mining era.

Accommodation: Bathurst has a large range of accommodation available for student groups. From multi- share rooms with bunks and shared bathrooms, to motel units with en suites, there is a venue suitable for a variety of budgets.

Attractions: the sample itinerary includes the popular attractions but there are many more options available.

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