North America & Canada
Canada is a country of breathtaking snow-capped mountains, stunning aqua lakes and dramatic glaciers. It’s history is a fusion of Indigenous, French and British cultures, which have merged into a thriving multicultural society.

Made up of 10 provinces and three territories. Canada has a diverse and unique range of cultural and geographical features. The majestic Rocky Mountains and stunning Pacific Ocean meet with vibrant communities in British Columbia, while cowboy culture meets urban flair in Alberta. Rural living is alive under endless skies in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and Ontario offers a diverse mix of relaxed country living and large city sophistication. The sights and sounds of historic Quebec are not to be missed as well as the friendly maritime provinces, rimmed by the Atlantic are well worth the visit. Whilst in North Canada visitors have a chance to take in some of the only untamed wilderness in the world.

Canada offers a safe place for students to travel and endless possibilities of attractions to suit individual group requirements. Canadians have an affiliation with Australia and welcome everyone with open arms, enjoying showing their landscape and cities as well as their unique and magnificent wildlife on the land and in the oceans and lakes.

Accommodation: Canada has a large range of accommodation available for student groups. From multi – share rooms with bunks and shared bathrooms, to motel units with en suites, there is a venue suitable for a variety of budgets.

Attractions: the sample itinerary includes the popular attractions but there are many more options available.

Sample Itinerary
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