Human Society and Its Environment is a key learning area which involves the study of people, cultures, societies and environments (human and natural) over time.

What better place to study human and the natural environment over time, than in Europe, the birthplace of society as we know it - a continent jammed full of human impact and the legacies they left behind. It is a treasure trove of history, filled with castles, chalets, palaces, sprawling country homes, ancient battle sites, elegant towns and picturesque villages.

For students groups it is particularly inspirational, a safe place for group travel, where everyone speaks a different language – yet most speak English and the locals genuinely welcome visitors.

These tours can be designed for HSIE students and their teachers, to explore a culture and a history so old, we can only dream about in Australia.

We can also arrange wonderful cooking and culture tours, language tours, music and choir tours, it’s your choice.

Accommodation: Europe has a large range of accommodation facilities available for student groups. From multi – share rooms and shared bathrooms, to motel type rooms with en suites, there is a venue suitable for a variety of budgets.

Attractions: the sample itinerary includes some attractions designed for an ancient and modern history tour but there are many other options available.

Sample Itinerary
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