With its beautiful nature, cutting edge technology and its unique traditional culture and art, Japan makes an excellent, safe Destination for school excursions.

Japan is richly endowed with natures beauty - mountains, trees, rivers, lakes and seas; which show distinctive beauty in each season.

Known as one of the most developed countries in the world for its industries and cutting edge technology, Japan is at the same time a treasury of traditional cultures, architecture, arts and performing arts, with 11 World Heritage sites. Fashion, entertainment and animation are newer cultural fields in which Japan takes an active role. There is so much to see in Japan! Students will be fascinated to encounter a foreign culture in Japan.

Japan’s transport network is very extensive and enables speedy and comfortable travelling; regions are conveniently connected to each other by air, rail and highways. Riding on the internationally renowned Shinkansen or bullet train will be an exciting experience.

Japan is a very safe country for students to visit as it has an exceptionally low crime rate, advanced medical care and advanced international telecommunication. Students are able to walk around by themselves in safety.

Accommodation: Japan has a large range of accommodation available for student groups. From multi share guesthouses, to motel units and hotels, there is a venue suitable for a variety of budgets.

Attractions: the sample itinerary includes the popular attractions but there are many more options available.

Sample Itinerary
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