New Zealand
A visit to New Zealand is truly awe-inspiring. From spectacular natural assets on the North Island such as dramatic volcanic mountains, mud pools and geysers, redwood forests, lush rainforests and spectacular beaches to the South Islands beautiful and untouched World Heritage Fiordland National Park, it has a plethora of environmental and Polynesian cultural aspects.

Secluded valleys, breathtaking waterfalls, wildlife and remote forests reveal hauntingly beautiful untouched wilderness, as seen in the movies Jurassic Park and Lord of the Rings.

Glacier walks reveal ice faces, fiords and huge valleys carved out by these glaciers over millions of years.

Sea visits reveal an abundance of seals, dolphins, penguin colonies and an extraordinary marine environment.

For Health and Physical Education students, New Zealand offers wonderful snow and water skiing, adventure activities, jet boating, glacier and nature walks.

Tours to New Zealand can include both islands, or just one if time is more restricted.

Accommodation: New Zealand has a large range of accommodation available for student groups. From multi – share rooms with shared bathrooms, to motel units with en suites, there is a venue suitable for a variety of budgets.

Attractions: The National Museum is renown for its wonderful exhibits and interactive displays, following the Maori history and culture. Antarctic Centre - Christchurch, Pilots Museum - Wanaka, Cadbury Chocolate Factory - Dunedin, Marine World - Dunedin are just a few available.

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