Tasmania is the perfect destination for almost any reason. Attractions and towns are close by so you are able to enjoy a wide range of activities and see an incredible array of nature.

History – Ancient Aboriginal middens, handprints and creation stories are reminders of a culture that extends back thousands of years. Convict built buildings, prisons, bridges along with first settlers abandoned homes have become remnants of the hardship and heartbreak of the first European settlers trying to exist and tame this wild land. Everywhere you go you see the evidence of heritage from eras past that are lovingly looked after and will not be forgotten.

Natural Wilderness – rugged coastlines, dramatic mountains, white beaches, ancient forests and crystal clear highland lakes, over a third of Tasmania is National Park and protected World Heritage areas. These areas provide a diverse and mostly untouched wilderness area, important habitats for rare and endangered plants and animals.

Adventure – get out and really see and explore the natural beauty of Tasmania by bush walking, hiking, cycling, horse riding, sailing, exploring caves, fishing, train rides, joy flights and snorkeling. All levels of experience are catered for and can be tailored to your learning outcomes.

Accommodation: the choice of your tours accommodation is as varied as the scenery. Modern buildings, historic hotels, wilderness lodges, cabins, camping, bunkhouses and motels. Various locations to suit every group and budget.

Attractions: the sample itinerary includes the popular attractions but there are many more options available.

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