Tours Within Australia
Canberra/Snowy Mountains
A visit to the National capital is an essential part of our children's education to help them understand what it means to be Australian.

Bathurst/Hill End
A step back in time, the ideal place to explore and learn about Australia’s early settlement history and gold mining era long past.

Experience the Great Barrier Reef, Theme Parks, Tropical flora & fauna, World Heritage Rainforests, Sand Islands and Cattle Stations.

Northern Territory
An incredibly diverse destination full of Australian History, Exploration, WWII sites, Aboriginal significant areas, Unique Landforms and Wildlife.

Is the perfect destination for almost any subject. History, Adventure, Wilderness and Wildlife overflows in majestic surroundings.

Tours Outside Australia
New Caledonia
Attend French lessons in this idyllic paradise while immersing yourself in the French and Melanesian cultures of this beautiful Pacific destination.

New Zealand
Spectacular natural assets such as dramatic volcanic mountains, geysers, World Heritage National Parks, glaciers and Polynesian Cultures.

With its beautiful nature, cutting edge technology and its unique traditional culture and art, Japan makes an excellent destination for students.

Is forever linked to its ancient civilization, friendly people, and many of the world’s most revered natural and man made treasures.

A place to study cultures & the natural environment over time, the birthplace of society as we know it - a continent jammed full of sights, sounds and tastes.

North America and Canada
Breathtaking scenery, unique cultures and an abundance of attractions can provide a diverse learning experience.

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