Tours By Subject
Creative Arts
Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts – rewarding performances as well as extensions of knowledge and understanding for all students.

English & Literature
Allows students to consider the effects of personal, vocational, social, historical, cultural texts and understanding their responses from people.

Human Society and it's Environment
The opportunity to learn first hand about Ancient, Medieval & Modern History, Aboriginal Studies, Geography and Societies and their cultures.

There is no better way to learn about a culture or a language, than by meeting the people in their own country, interacting and being surrounded by the written and oral examples of that language.

Personal Development, Health & Physical Education
Aids to enhance students personal health and well-being. The promotion of an active lifestyle whilst learning skills and gaining confidence to propel their lifestyles.

Provides students with a visual and hands on understanding of the basic laws, theories and principles of biology, chemistry, physics and other related science fields they are studying.

Technology - Food, Textiles, Design, Agriculture
Expands the student’s ability for innovative and creative thought through the planning and production of design projects related to real-life needs and situations.

Tourism and Hospitality
This industry continues to rapidly expand in Australia and across the globe, visit different aspects of the industry to gain further understanding and knowledge.

Sister School, Home Stays & Exchange Programs
Gives everyone involved the opportunity to learn more about the culture, history and language of countries other than their own.

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